The 100 Day Challenge, Day 100!!:

Yahoo!!  I made it to day 100 of my 100 day challenge!  Today’s the day!  For those of you who have been following me all along, you will remember that back on August 17 th I began the challenge to post something on my blog.

I am SO thankful to have made it successfully to my goal.

It is funny, at times I felt the end was so far, and now that I have reached it, it seems to have gone by so quickly- can you relate to that?

Because I have devoted this month’s postings to thankfulness and gratefulness, I want to mention why I am thankful for this challenge and what I have received.

I am thankful for the people I have “met” during the challenge- those who were in my challenge group- and all they have shared to inspire me along the way, I am thankful for learning to write more often with less censoring, I am thankful for all of the people- especially my Facebook friends- that have not only read a lot of my posts, but have taken time to comment or to let me know that they have held meaning for them, I am thankful for a place to increase my self discipline, I am thankful for all I have learned about myself and about blogging, and I am thankful for my husband supporting me at times when it was hard or I was tired,  I am thankful for a new chapter to begin!!

What habit would you like to change or attain in 100 days?   How different would your life be in 100 days?