The 100 Day Challenge, Day 99!:

Deborah Norville recently wrote a book called Thank You Power.  In it she says “There is no dramatic difference in people who are wealthy.  Happiness and “thank you power” are not about material things, but rather the moments in your life that have made you feel that life is good.”

According to Deborah, gratitude can help eliminate allergies, headaches and could even extend your life!  “Gratitude helps to un-do stress in our lives.”  More great reasons for expressing our gratitude.

I have been taught for a very long time by many teachers that expressing gratitude for things makes the space for more good to come into my life.  I like that!

Today I began my annual Thanksgiving week list of 500 things I am thankful for.   I have also begun to play the Thank You game.  It’s easy to play and I heard about it from one of my mentor’s Cheryl Richardson.  This is how it works- you go out of your way to express your thanks, especially to those you don’t always think to thank.  Teachers, service people, neighbors, co-workers- doing something nice for them inexpensively- usually with a few kind words of gratitude.

Let’s make this week the most uplifting,  joyful week in recent memory!  Writing thanks, saying thanks- immersing ourselves in gratitude for who we are, what we already have, who we have in our lives and all of the more abundance that is already on its way to us.  That’s thank you POWER!