It’s Day 100!

The 100 Day Challenge, Day 100!!: Yahoo!!  I made it to day 100 of my 100 day challenge!  Today’s the day!  For those of you who have been following me all along, you will remember that back on August 17 th I began the challenge to post something on my blog. I am SO thankful … Continued

Thankful for Good Health

The 100 Day Challenge, Day 98: This year especially, with all the H1N1 going around, flus, colds and everything else, it is a little easier to feel thankful when you are feeling good and healthy.  Sometimes we can take good health for granted, and only after we’ve had a bought with sickness, can we remember … Continued


The 100 Day Challenge, Day 97!: Today I am feeling gratitude for being a part of something bigger than just me!  A group of us put our heads together and are putting on a show tonight at the Main Street Landing Black Box Theatre, which was kindly donated for our use.  Our show benefits the … Continued

Thankful for Inspiration, Part II

The 100 Day Challenge, Day 96!: A few days ago I wrote about ideas for increasing the inspiration in your life.  After thinking about it and reading it, I still like the ideas, but one thought keeps occurring to me- inspiration is an inside job in the end.  We can use external forces to give us … Continued

Thankful, just Thankful

The 100 Day Challenge, Day 95!: Today, like many days, has been filled with non-stop action.  I am thankful to just be sitting here, nothing moving but my brain and fingers- I am thankful for sitting still!   When I am still I allow space for gratelfulness to come in.  I think back over my day … Continued

Thankful for Letting things Go

The 100 Day Challenge, Day 94: As of today I have let something go from my life that has been a discipline for years.  My intuition had been telling me for weeks that it was no longer serving me.  I kept hanging on, after all, I had spent over 4 years of my life being … Continued

Thankful for Inspiration

The 100 Day Challenge, Day 93!: These days I am finding it completely necessary to keep myself inspired everyday- some days I really have to work on it.  I guess I am lucky in a way that in my line of work I have to keep inspired- otherwise what kind of a coach would I … Continued

Thankful for Kind Words

The 100 Day Challenge, Day 92!: I just hung up from my 100 Day Challenge call and am left with a feeling of thankfulness.  I am reminded how a few kind words can change your day.  I had an instance earlier in the day where the words coming from someone else, or even lack of … Continued

Gratefulness and Transformation

The 100 Day Challenge, Day 91: It is fairly easy (if we remember) to be grateful for good things that happen in our lives.  When we can look at things that we consider not to be good and find something to be grateful for, that is when transformation takes place. What circumstances exist in your … Continued

Thankful for Breakdowns

The 100 Day Challenge, Day 90!: We can spend our lives trying to stay up, positive and balanced.  And despite our best efforts, at times, we experience breakdowns.  Well I say- yeah for the breakdowns! Okay, you might think that sounds pretty crazy- and NO I don’t particularly enjoy the actual breakdown phase, but I … Continued