The 100 Day Challenge, Day 91:

It is fairly easy (if we remember) to be grateful for good things that happen in our lives.  When we can look at things that we consider not to be good and find something to be grateful for, that is when transformation takes place.

What circumstances exist in your life (good and seemingly not good) that you have not expressed your gratitude for?  Start with the “good” stuff.  Make a list.  Then go to what doesn’t seem to be good.  You can look for what the circumstance is teaching you, or maybe the people that you have met because of it, or how you have learned to be more creative, or what you have had to let go of, or take on.  It could be a wake up call for better health and self care, or a reminder of your lost values, what’s most important to you.

 It may be hard at first, but if you are open and willing to find the treasure, it always exists.

When your goal is to transform some part of your life, gratitude for your current reality is an excellent place to start!  Change the way you think about something, and you can change (transform) your life.