The 100 Day Challenge, Day 92!:

I just hung up from my 100 Day Challenge call and am left with a feeling of thankfulness.  I am reminded how a few kind words can change your day.  I had an instance earlier in the day where the words coming from someone else, or even lack of them, were not positive and I could observe my thinking going into questionable and certainly unsupportive thinking.

So, I was really in tune today to notice that when someone says something positive about what you are doing, what a difference it can make in how you feel and what you are willing and able to produce. 

Both experiences today remind me (once again- and I am clear that I am noticing this because I need reminding) that a kind word can change someone’s day- maybe even their life.  Stopping to notice something good someone is doing can make all the difference to them.  It encourages them to keep going and allows them to feel great about themselves- something we can all use more of!

Make sure to do it for yourself, too!