The 100 Day Challenge, Day 93!:

These days I am finding it completely necessary to keep myself inspired everyday- some days I really have to work on it.  I guess I am lucky in a way that in my line of work I have to keep inspired- otherwise what kind of a coach would I be?

I don’t think I am the only who needs to keep inspired- I think every one of us needs it and I am thankful today for all of the inspiration that is surrounding me all the time.

If you look around- and yes, even this takes some effort depending upon the day- you can find inspiration every where.  There are always books, magazines, and endless online websites.  Biography’s and magazines like Success are always great for me.  Right now I am finding Joel Osteen’s new book- It’s Your Time- very inspiring.  There are recordings of almost every book out there or great places to go for them like or

Unless you really live in the middle of nowhere you can always find an inspiring speaker to go hear like I did tonight at Champlain College.  Liz Robert of Terry Bicycles certainly got my wheels turning- no pun intended!  If you do live in the middle of nowhere, there are tons of great speeches on youtube and other sites.

Maybe you get inspired by being out in nature, or getting involved with a cause that means a lot to you.  Meaningful work is so inspiring.

Talking to big thinkers in your life can take you up several levels and fast!  Seek them out.

Give yourself the gift of time and space to be inspired.  Sometimes backing off and taking an afternoon inspiration break- or a full day one- can be such a boost.

Being inspired takes time, effort and action (also known as some work), but the payoff is huge!

When things have looked bleak in the past, what has inspired to most to get moving?

What can you put into place (or back into place) for daily inspiration starting today?

Who can you call right now for an inspirational boost?

Who can you inspire today?  Who needs you and your inspiring energy?  Who’s watching you and counting on your for inspiration? 

You’ve got to get it before you can give it………………..