The 100 Day Challenge, Day 90!:

We can spend our lives trying to stay up, positive and balanced.  And despite our best efforts, at times, we experience breakdowns.  Well I say- yeah for the breakdowns!

Okay, you might think that sounds pretty crazy- and NO I don’t particularly enjoy the actual breakdown phase, but I have observed cycles of success and break through- mine and others- for long enough to see that it is just that- a cycle.  I can consol myself during the breakdown that what I know for sure is that what follows is breakthrough.  Both parts and everything in between are necessary.

A breakdown allows for many wonderful things to happen.  Many times it is a signal to slow down and re-assess what you are doing or thinking.  It may be time to change direction.  A breakdown can be a catalyst for re-inventing yourself and making big changes in your life.  Without breakdowns in our lives, we would never be challenged to reach our highest potential.

Breakdowns can last a  moment, a day or can be pretty extended depending upon what is going on in our lives, and how much action we take and how quickly we take it.  Maybe you are experiencing a breakdown right now.  What is this experience trying to teach you?  What are you being called to re-create or re-think in your life right now?  Where have you not been in alignment with your values?  Have you lost sight of that which brings you the greatest joy and fulfillment?  Breakdowns allow you to look closely at details and to really get clear about what is happening.

Maybe you are not experiencing a breakdown right now, but I am sure you can identify times in your life where this was taking place.  If you are a person who has big goals and dreams, you are sure to reach this place again.

Learn to rejoice in the breakdowns and their promise of the breakthrough to come!  It will happen everytime.