The 100 Day Challenge, Day 95!:

Today, like many days, has been filled with non-stop action.  I am thankful to just be sitting here, nothing moving but my brain and fingers- I am thankful for sitting still!   When I am still I allow space for gratelfulness to come in.  I think back over my day and recognize all of the things that filled it that I am thankful for.

Things like- seeing old friends, meeting new people, somebody lent me something valuable, two other friends each offered dresses for my daughter to wear in a show this weekend, I got to each lunch with my husband and son, I was fortunate to work with great coaching clients, I had a good workout, someone gave me a lead- my list could go on, I can see given the space, I can come up with a long list.

But now sitting still in the quiet, I am starting to feel that the end of the day is here.   And so now I am so thankful for a comfy bed to crawl into!  What things are you thankful for today?