The 100 Day Challenge, Day 96!:

A few days ago I wrote about ideas for increasing the inspiration in your life.  After thinking about it and reading it, I still like the ideas, but one thought keeps occurring to me- inspiration is an inside job in the end.  We can use external forces to give us a start, but it’s what we do with it that counts.

Today I would like to offer some internal ways to find inspiration- I would be thankful if you would add yours to the list by commenting.

Goals- going back to re-focus on your goals is a great way to feel inspired, especially when you re-call the excitement you felt when you first wrote the goals.  Notice how far you have already come and recognize the successes you have already had.

Prayer- tapping into a higher power to ask for help, believing in something bigger than yourself- that’s inspiring!

Gratitude- Here is comes again!  Keeping the daily gratitude journal- when you are not feeling inspired, look at your entries.  Get focused on what is already great about you, your work and your life.

Fun- What do you like to do that brings you joy?  Go do something that you love to do- even if lack of inspiration makes you feel that you don’t want to- listen to you inner wisdom and just go do something fun!  Laughing always changes your state and quickly uplifts you.

Other tools- pull out other things that work to build inspiration like meditation, affirmations and work on strengthening your beliefs. 

As a coach, I work with my clients to help them to put that sparkle in their lives- it comes from inspiration- it’s like that extra something, that icing on the cake.  If you want a life that sparkles, a life that is full, satisfying and delightful- look for ways to keep yourself inspired daily!

What will you do today to raise the level of inspiration in your life?