The 100 Day Challenge, Day 13:

I have the extreme privilege of getting to be on air with Steve Cormier- Corm- of TCP The Corm Project each Monday at 4:10pm.  The station is WXMR 100.7 or you can watch/listen to it 3-5 on weekdays live streaming on the web at  You can also catch past shows in the archives.

This month we are talking about taking care of yourself first, so that you can better take care of others and your responsibilities.  We have also been talking about ways to build energy in your life- to keep excited and motivated to reach your goals.  One way we have chatted about trying things you have never done before, shaking things up and getting out of a rut.  The challenge is every week this month (or for the very motivated, every day this month) you try or do something you have never had or done before.

We laughed when Corm decided to switch from ham in his sandwich everyday, to turkey.  The reality is that it was a big move, when you do something the same way day in and day out, it is a big deal!  The funny thing is, that that seemingly small change led him to  bringing his lunch to work instead of buying it.  Now he is controlling his healthy diet- and probably saving money, too.  What’s fun about this is that this has all happened within a week’s time.  And he was able to have some fun with the folks at Subway that made his ham sandwich everyday when he started asking for turkey!  It gave him a chance to say what he was up to and most likely impact someone else’s life in the process.  (and he may never know this.)  Starting yesterday, even though it was 9 degrees outside, he went for a walk- another healthy activity he had not been participating in.

The point here is that there is no change too small.  One small change begins the process and leads to other small changes ( that lead to BIG changes over time.  Making changes brings great energy.  It makes you FEEL GOOD!  When you feel good, you are in the mindset to continue and to make other great changes, too.  Trying new things leads to interesting conversations, meeting new people and having fun!  Trying new things brings you a step closer to other things you may have never considered before.  It’s pretty cool!

In this month where we are talking about keeping out of the ruts, another activity that is sure to direct your mood, feelings and energy in positive direction is to help someone else out.  Look for people who need you- a kind word, helping someone up when you notice they have fallen, etc.  When you set an intention and begin the conversation of wanting to help and be of service to people, you will be amazed to see that situations and people who need your help will start to appear.  Stay aware and look around- when you get to help someone out you FEEL GOOD!!  Anyone seeing a pattern here?

I appreciate Corm being such a great example for me to use with my clients and my blog.  He has set an intention to lose 20 pounds between now and May 1st, prior to appearing at his college reunion where he will be speaking in front of the group.  So now, all Corm has to do- besides continuing to take consistent action that supports his goals- is to write down what it feel like to have lost the weight and to get a great visual in his mind of what he will look like weighing 20 pounds less.  He can read what he wrote down everyday, and he can spend a minute picturing in his mind, and take the right actions and success is his!  Congratulations Corm!

Now Corm has a lot of accountability around reaching his goal.  He said on air that he will do it.  I am writing it here and it will be posted on Facebook.  One of the best things you can do to reach a goal is to get accountability- so you got it Corm!

So how can you borrow from and be inspired by Corm’s energy and actions to get yourself going?  Where have you been keeping your goals and dreams a secret so no one knows if you don’t reach them?

The most important person knows you are not reaching them- you!  Decide now what you are going to do differently!