The 100 Day Challenge, Day 12:

From Marianne Williamson’s book A Return to Love:  “A Course in Miracles says that only love is real: “The opposite of love is fear…” When we think with love we are literally co-creating with God.  And when we are not thinking with love- since only love is real- then we’re actually not thinking at all.  We’re hallucinating.”  Interesting- and scary!!

If ever there is a time we think about love, it is February- and this week, more than ever.

Here’s a challenge for you, should you agree to take it on.  This week, endeavor to learn something about love that you did not know, or consider a thought about love, that you had not preciously considered.  My February newsletter will be out this week, and in it, I have included a list of books that are about love in some way- business, life, service, spirit, relationship, etc.  Or maybe you have a book that is about love somehow on your bookshelf that you have not read- take it off the shelf and read it this week.  You can always Google about love, and see what comes up.  Pull our your Bible and look for passages on love, etc.

Surround yourself with love this week, those you love, things you love to do (schedule them in today!), eat foods you love, write a list of things you love to do and things you love in your life, read about love…….you decide how you will do it.  Sign a letter or email with love, when you might be hesitant.  Tell someone you love them, even if it’s not easy because it is not your custom.  Fill your week up with love and see what happens!

Lot’s of love to you!