The 100 Day Challenge, Day 11:

I love it when unexpected things happen that totally make sense.  Like tonight when we wanted a table for four and there were only 2’s available.  My friend asked a couple who were sitting at a table for four if we could take the other two chairs to squeeze into a small table and they got called for their dinner table at that very moment, giving us the table for four. It was a happy exchange for all.

Like today when I started reading a book that I bought in hardcover when it first came out in 1992- and I am reading it now for the first time.  I wonder if my 1992 self knew I was going to come to a perfect time in the future to be ready to read this book?  I think so.

Tomorrow, I am going to wake up and spend the entire day being aware and noticing synchronicity happening in my life and around me. And counting my blessings.  I think it will be fun, and I do believe you find what you are looking for- good, bad or otherwise, so I am expecting a lot of cool things to be going on tomorrow!  How about you?