The 100 Day Challenge, Day 10:

Only 90 days left to go!

I am thinking about love a lot this month because it is February.  My newsletter will be out soon, and I have included a book list that is all about love- in all areas of life- including in business.

Business is not an area where we normally think of love.  Tom Peters was the first to introduce me formally to this idea. (that and beauty and grace in business, too)

Over the next few days consider and answer these questions for yourself if you have a business or work in a business:

What do you love about your business?

If you have clients or customers, what are all of the ways that you show them love? (write them down)

How could you quadruple the number of people who love your business?

How does the love you have of your business and for your work show on a daily basis?  (thoughts, words, actions)


Some things I love about my business are:  (and this is not even close to all)

I get to help people believe in themselves and reach their dreams.

I can work anywhere- in person, Skype, at clients offices, in my home office.

I get to work with great clients on unique aspirations, challenges and projects.

I love emceeing, speaking, facilitating and doing masterminds with groups- all of which I get to do.

There is endless learning, growth and personal development to do (which I love) in order to stay ahead of my sharp clients!

I get to strategize a lot.

I get on tv and radio at times which allows me to reach a whole lot more people.

I love to write blog posts!

I am my own boss and set a schedule that works for me.

Almost all of my clients come to me by word of mouth, which I LOVE!!


A cool book about love and business is Tim Sander’s Love is the Killer App.  Almost any of Tom Peter’s books will address this subject, too.  If your interested in this conversation- do some reading and see what new ideas you might dream up!

Spend a little time answering the questions above in writing, make a plan to expand what you are already doing that is working and look to add a little love where your business may really benefit from it.  Alert to my business clients- in honor of Valentines Day, this will be homework coming up in the next week, so get started now and have fun!