The 100 Day Challenge, Day 9:

Do you ever feel taken for granted?  I think as a parent you can feel this almost daily, as you put everything about your children first when they need something.  I think when you are a good parent, kids don’t even know how good they have it- they have nothing to compare to.  Maybe at work you are always the one to do something so now everyone expects it.  There is something in the house that you always do, but no one ever notices. Feeling appreciated is something that most human beings love to feel.

Let’s turn it around.

What or who do you take for granted?  A great person I know just sent me an email and in it she made a profound statement- it is nice to be on this side of the flu- it is funny how you take some things for granted even when you are trying not to.  Being in good health is something that most of us do take for granted, until we are not.

How do we stay out of the negative energy of feeling taken for granted?  I don’t have all of the answers, and I am thinking for myself that it is about focusing even more on gratitude.  Being thankful that you do have your kids who are with you and healthy- grateful that they have a good life where they do not have to even realize how good they have it.  Thankful to have the job where people expect things from you, grateful to be counted on.  Grateful each and every day for good health and the opportunity to expand it. (these are just some examples: insert your own here) When these things are occurring, and much more, take time everyday to be thankful.