The 100 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 8:

Enthusiasm- a strong excitement or feeling; something inspiring zeal or fervor; absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit.  (just a few of the definitions that show up!)

This is one of my favorite words in the values card deck I use with coaching clients.  A client pulled this card/word out today and so it got me thinking about what a difference enthusiasm can make in so many ways.  You meet a check out person who smiles and acts happy to see you- that enthusiasm for their job just makes you feel good.  Your kid listens when you suggest an idea and their enthusiasm makes you feel successful as a parent.  You donate your time to a non profit as a volunteer and the person in charge is so enthusiastic and energetic that you feel fortunate to be involved.  In these same circumstances when the enthusiasm is lacking you can feel less than appreciated and approved of- two ways we as humans love to feel.

I could make a long, long list of the way we benefit from other’s enthusiasm.  Think of someone in your life right now that displays a great amount of this quality.  Think about times recently or in the past where someones enthusiasm where you were involved made a big difference in your experience, or in your life.

Now, let’s translate this to you.  What is other’s experience of you?  Do they experience you as an enthusiastic person who is engaged and excited about the things they are involved in?  And I am talking about in all of the areas of your life.  What is your level of enthusiasm on a scale from 1-10 (10 being I have it mastered) in the following areas:





Health and fitness



If you are less than satisfied with your answer in any area, ask yourself what you can do to move it up a notch and write your answers down.  Start with one area and make a plan to to improve it.

In your interactions with others, start to consider what their experience of you might be and work to raise your level of enthusiasm when communicating and dealing with people.  Enthusiasm is attractive-  others want to be involved with you and jump on your bandwagon in ways you have not experienced in the past.

And that enthusiastic person(s) you thought of a minute ago?  Let them know that you appreciate that quality in them- it will mean a lot!