The 100 Day Challenge, Day 7:

An aha for the week from Tony Horton on the P90X Plyometric workout- you can do anything for thirty seconds. And he is right- during the workout, just when I think I can’t do anymore, 30 seconds is up! I put this concept to the test on Sunday with the goal of doing 100 push ups- and by telling myself ” you can do 15″, and eventually ” you can do 10″- I worked my way to 101!

This got me thinking- how often do we look at a big goal and decide to feel overwhelmed and not even attempt it. This is just another reminder to break things down into do-able chunks and you will reach success!

What have you been wanting to do, but not started because it just seems too big? Write it down and then list 5 actions you could take that would put you on the path to achieving it. Put one of those actions into your schedule NOW to be done within the next 48 hours.

Thanks Tony!