The 100 Day Challenge, Day 6:

I bet that title got some of you going!  I can hear it now- how selfish!  I know, I was brought up the same way.  The thought of putting others first is a nice one, in essence.  What I have learned, though, is that it isn’t just okay to put yourself first, it’s essential.

Who among us can not recall at least once where in service to all the others in our lives we found ourselves running on fumes?  Are we just kidding ourselves that we are really doing anyone any good when we are in this condition.

We promise ourselves that some day if/when we will start exercising or eating right.  When we get everyone else settled we will start mediating, look into quitting smoking or we will start to incorporate some stress reducing activities into our lives.  Heck, we might even one day enjoy some of those hobbies we used to love to engage in, and we might “catch up” on our sleep.

I am writing this post in honor of Go Red for Women, a program of the American Heart Association.  I have been attending for years, and two years ago, was honored to be the chair of our local event.  Attending the luncheon is one great way to start putting yourself first and taking care of yourself- not only will you have a great time networking with some amazing women, but you will learn the signs of heart trouble.  You could be saving your life or someone you love by attending.  There is a fantastic program lined up for this year, so get your ticket now, as the event will likely be a sell out once again!

Here’s the link to the Vermont event on February 16th:

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America- so this is worth paying attention to.  1 in 3 women dies of heart related illness each year.  Whoa.

So where to start for yourself?

1.  Schedule in your personal time/activities first- do this on Sunday for the week.  AND stick to it!  It will be uncomfortable at first, remember you are starting a new habit!  give yourself a month to make it a new habit.

2.  Resolve to stop saying yes to things you do not have time for.  Before you say yes, look into your appointment book and put the activity into a time- if you do not find a time, you can see you realistically do not have time for it and then you can say no!

3.  Stop taking on things that are actually better done by someone else.   Let other people do what they are best at while you focus on what you are best at and all the while gaining time to take care of yourself!

You will feel great and others will start to get the best you have to give.  Everyone benefits!