The 100 Day Challenge, Day 17:

There is so much information out there about attracting what you want in your life.  In fact, it comes in so many forms that it can almost be information over-load! 

There is one thought I can continually hang on to and put into practice, even when I am forgetting all of the other details.  That is- spend more time thinking about what you want than you spend thinking about what you don’t want.  Said another way- focus on the solutions, not the problems.  Another- focus on what is already perfect, and not what is imperfect.  In my coaching practice , my clients and I focus on finding creative solutions together.  We may spend a brief amount of time talking about the actual challenge, then spend most of our time discovering ideas and actions to to blast through what is in the way of  them reaching their highest potential and realizing their best in any situation.

For the next week, try a little experiment- each time you find yourself focused on what is wrong about something, or something is bugging you, ask yourself these two questions:  What is the opposite of what I am thinking, and how can I benefit from taking the opposite view?  Just by asking these, you de-rail your unproductive thinking and open your mind to thinking new, supportive thoughts about the situation.   You open your life to possibility and this how you begin to create the life you love!

       Spend more time thinking about what you want than you do thinking about what you don’t want!