With all that has been happening in our world and in our lives many people are re-assessing the level of satisfaction they have in their lives.  That is one reason times like this can be a gift, if you choose to see it that way. 

 Has something been whispering in your ear, talking to you, or perhaps even loudly nagging at you because you have ignored it for so long?  Does that something suggest the idea that there is something your are meant to do and you don’t know what it is?  Or maybe  that you are wanting to take a different direction in one of the areas of your life?  I wrote this for someone I know that would benefit from answering these questions and taking action on these suggestions.  If you are reading this, more than likely there is something in this that will benefit you, as well.  This is for you, too!


Create Your Life questions and actions-  Use paper and pen or pencil as there is a direct link to your brain and hand writing that is of great value in doing this type of work.


Before beginning, it is important to realize that if you have been playing victim to outside circumstances, blaming others and outside sources for you not having the life you want, then you will have to dump those thoughts and attitudes immediately.  Nothing is going to change in your life unless you decide to take responsibility in your life for making things happen to have the life you want to have.  What price have you paid for choosing unhappiness, bitterness, anger, judgement or resentment?

Now, let’s go for a bigger, exciting, unlimited vision of the life you are meant to live!:

If you can have exactly the life you want (and you can if you choose) what would your life look like?

-What kinds of activities would you take part in?

-What kind of work, if any would you be doing?  Would you like to work full time?  part time?  Fixed hours or flexible?(get as specific as possible- remember you are not censoring here, you are writing exactly what you want, even if you are not sure how it is possible)

-Who would you be spending time with?

-What would your day look like?

-How much money do you REALLY need to make or have coming to you to have this life?

-What are your surroundings like?  What type of environment are you living in?


Once you have a clear vision of this, you can continue.  The first part will take some time, and will probably be quite long if you are very specific.   If you get stuck, take a sip of water and just start writing something.  It is amazing how the words and thoughts will just flow!


Now ask yourself:

What can I do right now to create more of my ideal life?

Chances are you can think of small changes you can make right away that will start moving you in that direction.  One thing I always ask my clients to do is to read what they have written- even putting the answers to their questions into a journal entry format and writing like it has already happened and everything is already true.   Read it everyday, and out loud!  As a coach I help my clients to clarify their goals, values and what they want in their lives and businesses.  I hold them accountable to what they say the want to create.  Who can hold you accountable? 

Remember, I wrote this for someone else, so take away the pieces that will help you and start moving in the direction of your even more beautiful life today!