A few weeks ago I was at a meeting at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts and took a moment to take a look at the many paintings that are currently gracing the walls- an artist by the name of  Steven P. Goodman (spgoodman.com) had painted many small paintings and I was curious, so I decided to read his statement which was hanging on the wall.  It turns out he painted 81 small paintings as a way to challenge himself.  He joined in on an artist’s movement in which the artists paint something everyday and post it on their website, a very cool kind of accountability.  It would appear that this really got him into the creative flow!  I immediately started thinking- what if I did something I love to do, like write, for instance, everyday and I had to put it online, how would that impact me?  Duh!, I was forgetting about my lonely blog, which doesn’t get nearly the attention I initially intended as an extension of my business.  Enter the 100 Day Challenge……………………..

The next day I received an email- it was called the 100 Day Challenge.  A group of people were forming to give each other support and accountability to complete a challenge of their choosing over 100 days in a row.  I jumped at the opportunity!   There are people from all over the US and Canada in the group and each person has a different challenge they are working on.  So, my challenge is to post something on my blog everyday for the next 100 days in a row!  I’ll talk about the challenge of the challenge in my next post.

What are you willing to work on for 100 days that could sharpen your skills, change your life, help you reach a goal, or get control of in your life?