I am just beginning the 100 day challenge I signed up for- to post something on my blog everyday for 100 days in a row.  You may have also decided to do your own 100 day challenge or to tackle something significant.  I will offer some of my experiences along the way, so that they might lift you up and keeping you moving forward.


One of the first things I needed to do was to look at what could get in my way in this challenge, and even on day two I can already feel it!  My biggest challenge is that I always have so many ideas to blog about that I have a hard time picking one, so that stops me.  Then when I do pick something, many times I have so much to say that I get bogged down in it, and then I always want to make sure it is perfect.  What I learned from Steven Goodman’s example with his painting (see previous post) is that an everyday challenge keeps you producing- no matter what.  Some of it will be good, some great, hopefully none awful- but you are risking, taking that chance.


What I get by completing the challenge makes all of the uncomfortable stuff worthwhile.  I already know that feeling uncomfortable is  a sure sign of personal growth, so I know- even on day two!- that I am experiencing that.  I’m good with that.   Each day I complete my committment I get to feel accomplishment which is a feeling I value very highly.  I am pretty sure that my writing will get better, I will become a better decision maker when it comes to my writing, and will get 100 days worth of thought provoking ideas out to anyone who reads my blog.  I also know that the feeling I will have when I finish the 100 days is irreplaceable!  When you make a committment and follow through there is no better boost to your self esteem.


Have you decided on a challenge to tackle?  What could possibly get in your way that you can be ready for?  What benefits will you receive by both going through the process and completely the challenge?