Inspiration is one of my favorite words- and being inspired is one of my favorite things to be.  When thinking of following through on a difficult challenge, I think inspiration of some sort has to be present in order to be successful.  To me, being inspired means to be up-lifted. It is when that fire within me gets stoked up and stirred up, making me believe that bigger things are possible for me.  Inspiration is what keeps me moving forward whenI feel like stopping.


In thinking about the 100 Day Challenge (please read posting from 8/18/09 for the full scoop), what inspires me the most is how I feel when I follow through on my committment each day.  When I get on the check in call and report in to everyone that I am on track with my goal, it feels great!  I have the energy and attitude to help and inspire others, as well.  One think I love about inspiration is that it is contagious!  The things I have to do daily to keep inspired are :

1:  remind myself of the benefits to seeing my goal through. (these are written down)

2:  remind myself of why it was important for me to have this goal in the first place.  (these are written down, too!)

3:  read uplifting and inspirational books and articles, especially those about other people who have done great things in their lives.

4:  talk to others who are working on their own goals and who are inspired and full of life!

5:  get enough rest, exercise and healthy foods.

6:  Planned time within each day to work on my goal.  (this is an appointment with myself written into my appointment book.)

  Who has inspired you today?  What have you read today?  Who have you asked questions of today?  What did you learn or try that was new today?

  Who have you inspired today?  In order to inspire others, you must first be inspired yourself.  Are you?  My strategies work for me, what do you know you can do each day to stay in that inspired place?

  One of my favorite books:  Living an Inspired Life by Jim Rohn- check it out!