Check out yesterday’s blog post for part one!

Continuing the conversation- your personal environments are a key element in whether you will reach your goals in 2010 in the best possible way. 

 For many of my clients it has been as simple as cleaning and de-cluttering their home, office, and even their car.  The condition of your physical environments is also a very good indicator of what is going on inside your mind, as well. 

Clutter outside=clutter inside. 

Your environment is either supporting you or holding you back.  What is happening in your life, your business?

Another very important piece of your environment is the people you choose to spend time with.  Surrounding yourself with people who support, uplift and inspire you is extremely important.  This can be a very touchy area for some of us.

What must you change regarding your environment in order to have the solid foundation that will support you in 2010?

Once you decide what it is- once again set your plan with deadlines to get it done!  Enjoy the breathing space, increased energy and clarity that an uncluttered enviroment can bring!