I had the good fun and fortune to be a guest on the 107.1 fm show- Corm and the Coach yesterday!  Corm and I started a lively discussion about making changes in the new year.  I am going to be posting the points I shared on the show and more over the next few days leading up to the last day of the year.

One of the best ways to make big changes is to be prepared.  Creating a great foundation requires clearing the way.  Unfinished business can hang around you like chains, holding you back from moving toward your goals, dreams and aspirations. 

What unfinished business would you like to clear out of the way in the next few days that will help to pave the way for big success (by your definition) in 2010? 

Who do you need to clear things up with, say you are sorry to, or forgive?  Keep in mind that one of these people may be you, yourself.

What promises did you make that still need to be fulfilled in order for you to freely move forward into the new year?  Maybe you can make a new arrangement, but at least acknowledging it can help.   Again, you may have made some unfulfilled promises to yourself.

What projects are still hanging over your head?  Are they still important?  If yes, make a plan to finish things up- in writing- and just get it done.  OR delegate the project to someone suitable for the job.

Remember, these things make take time and energy, but they have certainly been stealing your energy all the while they have been hanging around.  Losing energy to holding grudges, not finishing things, and not following through takes a big toll and is costing you a peaceful and joyful life.

What is worth to you to get your unfinished business finished this week?  Just imagine moving freely and clearly into the new year- about a million pounds lighter?  Give yourself the gift of a great foundation to rest your resolutions on! 

 Are you committed?  Decided now what you need to do to make it happen!