I know it sounds cliche, but I find myself asking “where did the year go?”  I feel like I just blinked and yet another holiday season is upon us!   I probably say this every year.

This, for many, can feel like less than a joyful time of year.

Things have happened this year that have been difficult.  Loved ones have been lost,  jobs have ended, the unexpected has happened, the economy has been challenging, the flu and other things have been going around for months, the gym closed without warning,  plans fell through…….  Most of us have experienced some type of disappointment during the year big and small.

Though the realities still exist, the challenge at this time is to find a way to put aside the unsupportive and sad feelings that can accompany the difficulties, to find a way to rejoice in the peace and beauty of the season.  There is hope and renewal to be found now, if you decide to look for it.  It’s just waiting for you.

Remember last year?  What things did you say you would never do again?  What did you wish you had done, but ran out of time, or didn’t plan for it?

It is only December 3rd.  You have time, when you start now, to plan the holidays the way you want them.  Decide now to make the season your most meaningful yet.  What would have to occur in order for that to happen?