I am going to be the most cliche ever when I say- time is flying!  Honestly- when I look at the date of my last post- October 1st- I am floored!  It is not my intention to go so long between posts, not even close, but what is really getting me is that is doesn’t really FEEL like it was TWO months ago!!  I know I am in a busy, maybe busiest season of my life that I will ever have, but sheeesh!

I have been writing and saying gratitudes in an expanded way since November 1st.  I had on my list to do a blog post on thankfulness for November since that day!  As you can see, it did not happen.  So I began thinking.  Gratitude doesn’t have a season for me.  In fact, I am more grateful than ever in December as the year draws to an end and the holiday season is here.  So, I am proposing to myself, and to you if you are so inclined, to continue a very full gratitude practice throughout the month of December.  Make a plan today on how you will do it.  Ideas:

-simply write down one or three or whatever number you like of things you are thankful for each day this month.

-write down one thing on Dec 1st, two on Dec 2nd, and so on until you reach thirty one on the 31st!

-set a goal to write down 100 things I am thankful for each week.

-Find someone each day that you are thankful for and let them know it and why.

-be thankful to yourself and do something nice for yourself each day or each week.  In your weekly planning decide in advance what they will be.

-be gracious and accepting when someone thanks you- no saying “it’s no big deal” allowed!

You add to the list- there is no write (haha) or wrong- and please feel free to post your ideas or commitments here so that all can benefit!

Enjoying the season to the fullest is what is present right now.  Give yourself the gift of fully immersing yourself, allowing  your gratitude practice to be a part of this.