I had to laugh in my yoga class this morning….  our teacher was telling his wonderful (to me) story of how he sets his new year resolutions and how he noticed that all the resolutions from last year that actually moved forward were the ones that had other people involved in them.  The ones that didn’t just depend on him to make them happen.  That thought in itself would be a great blog post idea, but that wasn’t what made me laugh.

There was one fellow yogi in the room that shouted out “how juvenile of you! to still be setting resolutions.”  She was saying in jest with a laughing smile, but I think probably not totally in jest.  That was still not what made me laugh- what made me laugh was that as I heard her shouting out my mind said- “Wow!  That’s what I do all day, what my livelihood depends on.  People setting goals, reaching higher, wanting more and better in their lives is what makes my world go around!”  What if people stopped setting goals?  It certainly would not be good for business!

My question for you today is:  are you like my peaceful, centered, smiling yoga teacher who sets his resolutions each year, even though he doesn’t always achieve them all?  Or do you come from the other side- just let it fly and no goals necessary?  Neither is wrong, if you are happy with everything in your life and it is all as good as it could ever get as far as your concerned.

If there are things- in any area of your life- that you are not completely satisfied with, then keep reading.  I am going to suggest that you lean, even a little, in the direction of my yoga teacher.  First of all, setting resolutions, or goals or whatever you want to call them implies that you have a level of hope in your life.  Something I believe is essential for living a joyful life.  Do you need any other reasons?  Okay, how about taking ahold of your complete power to create the life/year that you want?  How about the proven power of writing down what you want and the energy that ensues around that immediately once written?

This time of the month of January, when all of the newness of the year is settling and the holidays are weeks behind us is the perfect time to write some resolutions for the year, or maybe just one.  The number is not important, but the impact the resolutions will have on your life and your ability to live it at the highest level, determined by you.  Are you in?  Will you go ahead and stir up an extra helping of hope and decide to create the year you want?  Or will you allow another year to go by, without resolutions because you believe you won’t stick with them anyway?

There’s something to celebrate- you have a choice!!  Namaste.