Leaving second guessing behind- doesn’t that sound good and refreshing?  I thought so, when it really began to sink in that I had adopted this habit of second guessing what I said/didn’t say, what I did/didn’t do.  Can you relate?

I started to think about how I could empower myself around this habit, as the habit was disempowering me BIG TIME!  I was living in the past continuously, trying to re-create it- haha!- it didn’t work, just so you know.  I was wasting a lot of time.  I even began to realize that I was making up A LOT of stuff that was not true.  Like I said, a real waste.

This is the empowering thought that I came up with and I now think it whenever I start to veer in the direction of second guessing my words or actions:

The self I was at the time I did/didn’t do or said/didn’t say did what she thought was the best choice at the time she chose it.  I trust that that self that I was had the best in mind at the time.

Those thoughts have helped me tremendously.  This is a big part of the break through I want to have in my life in 2014.  Freedom is one of my highest values- this is a way that I give myself freedom and keep moving forward in a positive way.

Today I did a Blog Talk Radio show on this subject where I go into much more detail with examples and strategies.  Please take a listen and leave your thoughts, ideas, questions, and your own strategies in the comments below!  Thank you!