I have been thinking about this post and devotion for weeks now, waiting for the right time to write it.  Today is the day, and I do believe that when you are ready and take action, it is the perfect time.

Maybe it is because I am in the midst of a very engaging yoga teacher training (spanning over 9 months) and I am devoted to the learning and focus on something so important to me in a different way than anything I have engaged in, in years. Maybe it’s because I have really turned up the fire on my own personal development, spurred on by mothering a 17 year old girl, or maybe it’s finally letting enough things go that have been holding me back that I am able to see what I am most devoted to and get to the truth (or close to the truth) of things. (most likely also spurred on by mothering a teenaged girl!)  Maybe it’s because almost every day a few weeks ago I pulled out the devotion card in values card deck, I started to pay attention.

Think about the definition of the word. Devotion: profound dedication, earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc.

What are you devoted to in your life right now? Profoundly?

It seems the perfect time of year to consider this. As many of us celebrate a time of reviewing our year, enjoying family and friends, of taking stock before another new year begins, devotion is something to contemplate.

How is the spirit of  devotion operating in your life?  Is the flame burning strong?

Are you devoted to good things that benefit you, others and the world? Or are you devoted to things that are actually hurting your spirit and therefore, those around you?

This is a call to re-align your devotions and recognize where you want your energy to go.

Are you excited about something in your life right now?  If not, maybe it’s time to decide to learn something new, or participate in something you used to like to do, or something you have always wanted to try. How about your family, your friends, your work, your health, your mind- what does your devotion look like in those areas?

What have you been devoted to in the past?  Think way back… when you were a kid, a teenager, and beyond. Look at every decade of your life. What happened to those things? Are there any you would like to re-devote yourself to? Which of them led to great new things in your life? How much gratitude do you have for those things? What things were you devoted to in the past that were not what you would define as things that were good for you, and you were able to move past them and leave them behind?  Recognize your strengths in doing so, and have gratitude for those things, as well.

This month how could you take your devotions deeper? At this time I love to immerse myself in the meaning of the season. In the midst of what could be a crazy time, I seek to devote myself to deeper devotion in the area of peace. That is what the season is about for me. Deeper devotion to peace within, which I can then share outwardly with my family, friends and the world. I devote myself to being more wide eyed, to really seeing people and being devoted to being a light. I devote myself to the wonder of the season of hope and beauty and the miraculous. We can all do this. I miss opportunities and make mistakes with this on a daily basis, which I recognize and then re-center on my devotion. No perfection required.

How will you express your devotion?  How do you now? (comment below please!)

Some people sing, some take action on projects, some create, some write, some will do selfless acts both known and unknown to others. It all starts with your intention. Let it evolve from there.

It feels good to be really devoted to important and good things in your life. If you feel you have too many, take a pause to ask yourself, this month what am I truly devoted to? Write the other things down and put them aside for next year. (maybe) and give yourself the best holiday gift every- the gift of being truly and wholly devoted to what is most meaningful in your life. This season is perfect for it. Your opportunity is here now. You don’t need more stuff, you just need you.

Like the pad of paper on my desk says:  Seize The Day!