Star of the Day, who will it be?  Your vote may hold the key, it’s up to you, tell us who, will be Star of the Day?

Oh boy did I want to be star of the day!  When I was young and growing up in Southern Vermont I used to watch this show called Star of the Day after church each Sunday. It was broadcast from Massachusetts and featured a string of talented kids- singers, dancers, musicians- each week. I absorbed the idea early on that in order to be the star of the day, people, a lot of people, would have to vote for you because they deemed you the best.

I got that message so many times while I was growing up. If other people think you are good, then you are.  And, of course, if they don’t, well you know what that means. I entered contests, pageants, you name it in search of my Star of the Day day! I wanted to prove how good I was. I wanted someone to see it and recognize me for it, so that I would know I truly was good.

It wasn’t until I got to college that I started to see things differently. I flourished in college because others did recognize me, it really spurred me on. I know my college well- Champlain College- and they do this for students. The staff and faculty thrive on showing you how good you are. Encouraging you at every turn. My professors took an interest in me. It changed my life.

That was all it took for me to see a glimpse of what I have inside. So yes, still, it did start by coming from the outside, but I began to recognize my strengths which helped me to have the courage to really reach for things. From that experience I adopted the belief that everyone needs someone to encourage and believe in them.

After college when I didn’t have to study college stuff anymore, I gravitated toward personal development books. To this day I can’t get enough reading in about what is possible mindset wise, spirit wise and body wise. Human potential in every way. I started setting goals for myself and at this time hit the turning point where I started to recognize myself for my own accomplishments, caring less about getting accolades from others. Reading the book The Four Agreements really helped me to let go of that last piece of caring about what others thought that was left in me.

Now I strive to be the star of my own day. Is it time for you, too?  Having realized my true strengths (now I help others to do this, too!) and owning them without apology, I am able to design my days and weeks and months to result in what I want in my life.

What would it take for you to be the star of your own day, each and every day? You are the only you in the world. Have you been holding back in fear of making a mistake?  I did that, too. For too long I didn’t go for what I wanted because maybe it would be wrong. I now see that if you become clear by being still and thoughtful, you can make a decision as to the next right action. The one that seems best at the time. Moving forward is never a mistake, maybe unless it is totally reactive and not thought through- but even then action will move you to the next step.

Isn’t it time for you to shine?  What’s holding you back?  Be a STAR!