The month end,  though seemingly so far away on the first of the month, seems to sneak up right up! How often do we hear- where did the month go? I notice that the more on purpose a person is, the less I hear this from them. Considering all of this,   I was just putting together a few thoughts to end a month on a strong note, and thought I would share them here.

To start with,  give your goals for the month a good strong look- what do you still want to accomplish?- ask yourself:  If I only completed one thing in the last few days of the month, what would make the most positive impact on my life and/or my business?  Make a plan to do that one thing- write it out, and plan the time to do it into your calendar.

Review and make a list of all of the things you did accomplish this month.  Recognizing the good in what you have done will give you great energy to work on the rest.

Look at what is still left undone.   Are these things still important?   If not, drop them from your plan.  If they are still important ask yourself:   What stopped your from getting them done this month?  How can you get past those obstacles as you move forward into the next month?

What are your aha’s for the month?  Darren Hardy ( talks about reflecting on your aha’s as a way to learn from your actions, lack of actions, successes and failures in a positive way.  This is not a beat yourself up session.  Reflection is necessary in order to correct course if needed, to figure out new approaches, and to allow you to build on what is already working.

I would encourage everyone to carve out even an hour per week in a designated place- John Maxwell gave me the idea of having a thinking chair, so I have one and this is where I go- to just think, review your goals, create new plans, thoughts, ideas.  It will be one of the greatest and most important gifts you will give to yourself.  You will see how you start to reach your goals at a higher level when you get this habit in place.  Beware, it is addicting, though, and you may find yourself wanting to spend an hour a day in your thinking chair- or location of choice!

Me sitting in John Maxwell's thinking chair- Palm Beach, FL, August 2011
Me sitting in John Maxwell's thinking chair- Palm Beach, FL, August 2011


How will you finish the month strong?  Have fun thinking about it!  AND then take action to make it happen!