This year is off to a fun, challenge filled and energizing start. Everywhere I go I am experiencing people who are up to big things in 2012! People are doing things they have only ever thought of doing and are collaborating and teaming up with new and different groups which is bringing about a whole new level of ideas. Recently when having coffee with a real go getter I agreed to another challenge. I told her the story of my 100 day blogging challenge (see archives) and by the end of the story we had agreed to do one together- starting February 1st.

As I looked at our ending date- May 10th- I realized that a ten day April vacation happens along the way. Do I want to blog on vacation? Maybe we can do a 75 day challenge- that’s still great, right? I start to think of the logistics- I have plenty of reasons not to do it. And then I think: think ahead!!

And then I remember my under-utilized iPad! How simple, how easy.

And I think about how inspired and uplifted I feel on vacation and how some quick blog posts might really capture that.

I have never blogged on my iPad, so here I am- it works- what do you know, pretty easy once I remembered my stored password! Thinking ahead, I have now tested it out. Now I know it is easy and can put my unsupportive thoughts aside and just once again get back to thinking about how much fun the challenge will be this time doing it along with someone else.

How many times do we get stuck in what looks not-doable in the moment instead of thinking ahead to how it could actually work? Test it out if you need to. Do what you need to to assure yourself that you can follow through with your commitments. You will always be glad you did.
I have always been taught: prepare prepare prepare!!

How else could the idea of thinking ahead at a higher level serve you in 2012?