What do you think of when you think of excellence?  Is this a word that makes you feel excited or anxious?  Who do you think of when you think of excellence?  I have been studying on the subject for some time, and last Thursday- and everyday since- when Michael Jackson passed, he has been first person that comes to my mind when I think about excellence.

In the Random House Webster’s dictionary they define excellence as superiority, eminence, and excellent quality or feature.  Michael Jackson’s drive to be the best turned out the most superior and excellent results in his work.  He is the perfect example of someone who did not settle for mediocrity and he was always looking to top what he had last created.  How many of us are that dedicated to our work and creative pursuits?  What if we had even a sliver of that quest for excellence that he had?  Well, the truth is, that we all do have it, and much more that a sliver.  The trick is first having the desire to and then knowing how to tap into it.

As a coach, I help my clients to reach for excellence in all 7 areas of their lives.  One of the things that Michael was missing in his life was balance, as is often the case with someone so extremely talented.  Balance is not always easily attainable, and not always desired, depending upon the stage you are at in a project or in your life.  Being aware of the 7 areas and looking to bring your personal definition of excellence to those areas- that is the goal.


What place in your life could use a good dose of excellence energy and what are one or two actions you could take this week to move in that direction?