One of the great tools I use in my coaching practice is an assessment tool called the Mindscan or Hartman Value Profile. It has proven to be extremely valuable to everyone I have done one for as it allows a person to see clearly how they are in they behave in the world outside themselves as well as how they are toward themselves. Here’s how it works:

A client takes a twenty or so minute online assessment (no, we don’t wire you head up with electrodes!) which has them rank items in order from best to worst and whether they consider them to be good or bad. The information is decoded based on science, not on a comparison to others, so really gives them a clear picture of themselves. What they learn are their strengths, so that we can celebrate those and they can discover how to use them to their best advantage. They also learn what their weaknesses are and can choose to work on some, if they are really holding them back from reaching their highest potential. For the most part the client just wants to be aware of their weaknesses, so that they can manage them consciously, rather than have them running wild! I consider the Mindscan to be an important foundation for coaching my clients for these reasons. Many times the clients discover things they already felt might be true, as well as realizing some hidden patterns that have been running- which will always explain alot of what has been happening for them. I spend about an hour going through the information with them and helping them to decide how they want to put the information into action.
One of the other cool things about this assessment, from my perspective, is that I can have my clients do another Mindscan after about 3-6 months of coaching and they can already begin to see how things are shifting for them!
It is of great use to anyone in business, or for your personal life, goals and aspirations. The Mindscan provides invaluable information that will assist you in moving forward in a way that will work for you!

Question: How would it benefit you to have information that can help you to reach your highest potential in all areas of your life?
What would happen in your life and business if you were clear on your strengths and could put them to work for you in a powerful way? Let me know what you think!