I decided to challenge myself this weekend by clearing out some “stuff”. It made me think of the idea that when you clear something out of the way, you make room for something more perfect to come in. One of the main ingredients of Year of Transformation is gaining clarity- it is becoming a much-used word, clarity, but no less important to moving toward your own personal greatness.
Moving something, clearing it up, throwing it away, giving it away- all lead to clarity in some way. So my challenge to you is this- this week find just one thing to clear up in some way- just one. Just by starting you will see momentum start to build, you make room for something that will serve you better to move in.
Here are some ways this can work:

Cleaning out actual clutter, physical items that are distracting you in your environment. Be creative in your thinking of who might benefit from your items and give them away, if possible. Throw away the truly useless.

Clear up a misunderstanding or bad feelings with someone. The heavy emotions you carry around are most definately holding you back.

Clean up your email box- just get rid of those old emails you thought you would once read. Or if it makes you feel better- take a step in that direction and make folders and take the emails out of your in box and file them away.

Decide to look at your to-do list and just go after the one most important task that you have been putting off.

This list is just to get you started- you most likely have the perfect action to take coming to your mind right now. Please feel free to post and share what you do or intend to do so that your intention is out there loud and clear!

Question: When in the past have you finally taken action on something that has been hanging over your head? What was the result of you taking that action? Feel free to share and use this feeling to help you take the next step now!
(For more supportive info. refer to my previous blog entry entitled “Unfinished Business”.)