Have you ever left something that needed to be done so long that it just gets harder and harder to do it?  OR is is just that it gets easier and easier not to do it?  I started my blog with the best of intentions and then the old story….I got busy and got off track with my best intentions.  So, finally, after finishing alot of other projects and committments (more coming on Finished Business) I am re-committing to my blog! 

So, the question is…  how do you get back on track when you have veered off for a very long time?  For me it took re-centering on my goals.  In this case we are talking about my blog.  So, in looking at my over all plan for my year and my business I had to ask myself- is writing a weekly blog entry still important to me?  The answer was an easy yes.  I also look for signs around me- like in the last two weeks I was at 4 different events and read at least 3 articles that were all talking about how important having a good (and up to date!) blog is to your business.  Pay attention to signs!  Mine were pretty much whacking me on the head!  I help my clients everyday to clarify what is important so that they can get on track and stay on track.  We also look at the effectiveness of activities and I will hold them accountable to following through on the ones that will get them the results they want.

What has really become evident for me is that when you get off track, you can get “rusty” really fast.  The moral of the story for me- when you are in the flow- stay in the flow- at all costs.  Which is all fine and dandy as long as life cooperates!  So, when things don’t go as I plan and my best intentions aren’t enough- from now on I think I will just feel good about the fact that I had best intentions in the first place.  Be nice to myself, which is another thing I help my clients to do- because beating up on yourself doesn’t produce great results.    This is my first step!  Any thoughts?