Recently I was in a place of feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the “to-do’s” on my list.  I was walking around feeling drained just by the thought of it all.  Doing some self coaching, I was able to zero in on something really important.  I realized that several of the tasks on my list had been on there for quite a while!  These items, while important, were not urgent, so were easy to shuffle aside for quicker, more self gratifying items.  I noticed that these tasks were things that really needed an uninterrupted block of my time and I had been unwilling to give them the time they needed and deserved to be done and done well.  They were unfinished business.

Unfinished business drains your energy.  These are things that are hanging over your head, giving you a heavy feeling- weighing heavily on your body, heart and soul.  These can be projects that you started and never finished, promises you made to yourself and others and never followed through on, or projects/tasks that you have never started, but need to be done in order to avoid an unpleasant consequence- like doing your taxes.  Maybe there is something that you need to say to someone and have been holding back, or a relationship that must be completed in some way. 

Even when you think you are not focused on this unfinished business-  it is always in the back of your mind.  Having unfinished business in your life stops you from performing other tasks to your best ability and from enjoying your relationships and events in your life everyday to their fullest potential. 

Getting rid of unfinished business, gains you clarity and a lightness to go forward toward your daily goals and aspirations.  You will be able to re-gain clarity in your life.

Try this:  Make a complete and honest list of any unfinished business in your life- yes, this may be stressful- as one client noted yesterday.  Now, looking at your list, cross off anything you are truly no longer committed to.  Take a good look at what is left and next to each one, write how much time you need to complete and the actions needed to do so.  Next, take out your calendar.  Starting TODAY schedule time to take care of these items starting with just one action in the most important area- plan to finish over the next month, at the most,  the idea being to dig right in and get these items complete and off your list as quickly as possible!  Where can you delegate, ask for help and accountability to move forward?   The support is there if you look for it.  This is one of the ways I really help my clients, as their coach.

Begin to imagine how you will feel and look with all of these projects, tasks and intentions completed.  Keep this picture and these feelings with you for strength when you start to go off track.  These great positive feelings will propel you forward to a successful conclusion and a wonderful feeling of satisfaction.  You will then have cleared the way to step up to your next big game!

Yes, I wrote this for me- I am now going off to follow my own advice!  Anyone out there want to join me?  How is this resonating for you?  I would love to hear your thoughts!