I had the great fortune to be at Champlain College in Burlington Vermont on  Tuesday where the illustrious Rusty DeWees was speaking.  He shared some simple truths- most we have heard in one way or another before.  One of them really stuck with me and I love the simplicity with how he said it.  Here it is-  “…you can have all of the talent in the world, but if you don’t have will and determination, you won’t go anywhere…you can have all of the will and determination in the world and not have much talent and you are going to go places!  If you have will, determination, and talent, well then…you’re going to be like Oprah, or someone like that!”  I may not have the quote directly from Rusty word for word, but that is the essence of it!  I love to have my clients consider this idea and to look closely at their actions in relationship to where they say they want to go.

Questions you can ask yourself:

Where are your talents?

Are your actions in alignment with your goals?

How are you constistently perservering, even in the face of seeming failure or rejection?

How are you linking your talents, strong will and determination for your success today?


The Year of Transformation is all about helping you to reach your highest potential in all seven areas of your life-spiritual, mental/intellectual, health/physical,social,financial, career and family.

What are your thoughts in these areas?  Will, determination, and talent.   Click comment to join the conversation or to find out about how coaching can benefit you in your quest to reach your highest potential!

And thank you Rusty  for a very entertaining and thought provoking talk! 

Kim DuBrul,  Tranformational Power Coach