The 100 Day Challenge, Day 58:

Because I am short on time and getting ready to bundle up for my Spectrum Solidarity Sleep Out experience (see day 55), I want to offer a simple thought for today.  For the next day just focus on feeling good.  Do things that you love, find things that you love about what you are doing, focus on being in tune with whether you feel good or not about certain things that you are thinking about or doing.  Start to pay attention to the fact that the things you don’t feel good about, might not be good for you.  AND start to recognize this ahead of time so that you don’t even have to go down the path of not feeling good.

If you have to do something that does not feel good to you, like you have a job you are not enjoying at the moment, for example, make yourself find something that is good about it somehow and focus on that, just for the next day.  Working on your mindset is a full time job, and so is feeling good- a worthy pursuit!  Better than the alternative.

Feel good Friday- that’s what I’m talking about!