The 100 Day Challenge, Day 98:

Do you ever lose track of where you are in your life?  I think sometimes that we get so busy and caught up with the stuff of everyday living that what is most important to us gets buried.  Do you remember what wishes you had for your life way back when?  Unless you just recently did a life review- a session I do with people to gain clarity on where they are at- for yourself or with a coach, you may be feeling a little off center.  I describe this as just getting through each day- day by day, but exactly feeling on purpose or finding the joy in it all.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has a new book out called Wishes Fulfilled.  In it he talks about really getting to the heart of your true self and what that true self wants and needs.  As I express to my clients and any audience I have the privilege to talk to, taking quiet time just to think is essential.  If we don’t back out of our busy lives for a brief time, our noisy lives will never allow the higher thinking of our true selves to come through.  The noise is a distraction AND an excuse.

YOU have to decide to take control and take the time for yourself.  No one else will ever do it for you.  My biggest wish for all of my clients is that they would all embrace and live this thought to the fullest:  that taking care of yourself, doing things you love, and taking time to be super fit and healthy- mind body spirit- for yourself leads you to an incredible life, AND is a gift to all others in your life as you offer them an incredible you.

So, the first step in fulfilling the wishes of your life is to actually get in touch with what they are.  Take the time, explore, write.  From that place all things are possible and will already be in motion!