The 100 Day Challenge, Day 33:

When you are excitedly working on a project or love your work you can get out of the habit of taking breaks.  I know some people that even have a hard time taking a day off.  This can happen for other reasons, too- avoidance, fears- real or imagined, etc.  This leads to living a less than well rounded life.

If any of the above sounds remotely like you, I offer this in the spirit of this being the last weekend of summer: take a break!  Remembering that stepping back from work refreshes you and allows you to approach things with a different mindset.  You will be more efficient and productive after a change of scenery, enjoying family and/or friends,going to Church, attending an event, seeing a movie, taking a drive, shopping (had to include this one!), participating in a sport, getting outside for a walk or run, reading a book for pleasure, or ______________, you fill in the blank!

I believe we are here for a whole life experience.  What holes are there in your whole life experience?

Enjoy the beauty of this weekend!