The 100 Day Challenge, Day 50:

I am half way there!!  Yippee!  Isn’t it a great feeling to know you are half way to something?  It’s how we feel on Wednesday night when we are looking forward to the weekend, it’s how we feel on the last few miles of a race, it’s how we feel when dinner is almost ready.  Being half way there is a good feeling.  When in context with a big project or challenge, it is something to celebrate!  It takes a lot to get through the first part of something big- to really get it going, catch momentum to get to cruising mode.  A lot of people quit before half way comes.  All good.

However, I want to also look at the opposite side of this- as I like to do with most everything!  Being too focused on mile markers causes one to miss the journey part of things.  Savoring every moment of the way can make the whole process so much more fulfilling.  It’s like wishing for the weekend and missing all of the good stuff happening during the week.  It’s like wishing for your kids to grow up and then missing all of the stuff that seems like a pain right now. It’s like taking this great drive somewhere and wishing away the time because you are so focused on arriving, and you miss the beautiful scenery.  It’s being so focused on the deadline that you miss the feeling of daily accomplishment, you get the idea.  What other things can you relate this to?  Please share your thoughts.

Once again, a healthy balance of enjoying the journey and celebrating the milestones, too, make the whole experience as sweet as it can be!  I enjoyed writing this post, and I am also celebrating that I am half way to my goal of blogging 100 days!!  Thanks for reading.