The 100 Day Challenge, Day 49:

If you are in business, whether for yourself, or working for someone, adding extra value on top of what you are expected to do is a big deal.  Little things do really mean a lot.  One of the points I teach in John Maxwell’s Everyone Communicates Few Connect (done in coaching and workshops) is the idea of making an experience for others.  This is in business, and all of the areas of your life.

If you are having people over, do something fun and unexpected.  A fun table set up, some type of entertainment, or an interesting food or drink that no one expects.

You can do this for your kids, too- recently we watched our favorite college basketball team on tv as they made the NCAA championships and travelled too far away for us to watch in person.  I decided we would bring the gym experience home and we had the pizza give away, the cookie giveaway (and they had to make signs and cheer to win) and we even had the t-shirt toss!  We loved watching the game, but the extras made for a memorable and fun time!

Surprise people.  Do something extra for good clients- it doesn’t have to be expensive, it could even be a thoughtful, but unexpected email.  At work, look for ways to make the work day experience a positive one for others around you.  If you have people working for you think about surprising them with a treat once and a while.  I have one client who brings in a masseuse doing 15 minute chair massages one a week.

The person who does this has a zest for life and fun and wants to share that with others.

There are endless things you can do to thrill and delight others.  Make memories- it is so much fun!  And not just for everyone else, it is SUPER fun for the one making it happen- YOU!