2017 is here, and to me, it feels like it holds a lot of promise.  I am starting with a fresh approach to how I look at EVERYTHING- and it is mighty uncomfortable at times.  My goal is to rid myself of habitual thinking, default thinking, and to really THINK about what I think, and what actions I want to take, and what I really want.  This means knowing what I want first! And walking through fear, a lot.  Letting go, knowing what I can control and what I can not- you know, the Serenity Prayer, my constant companion these days!

Each day, for the next eight,  I am going to write a short blog post about one area of life.  Feel free to work through them over the next week if this idea resonates with you.  This is a system that I use with clients, during talks I do- and most especially, continuously in my own life.

I am starting with the health area of life as it is very difficult to do much when you feel physically and mentally lousy.  Energy is the foundation to anything you are going to do- energy comes from good health, great self care.

Start by asking yourself how satisfied are you in the area of health on  scale from 1-10 (10 being you are totally there and 1 meaning you are no where with it)

Think about things like your weight, physical stamina, sleep, workouts, blood pressure, diet, cleanliness, check ups, supplements, outside time, mindset, laughter, steps, etc……..

What would make it a “10” ?  Describe in detail, if this area of your life was operating at the optimal level- you at your very best-

-what would have to happen?

-what would be happening?

Don’t worry about how you would do it, or if you believe it possible, just describe what it would be.

Once you have answered this you can start to move forward by devising a plan.

Start with three things you could do in the next 7 days that can you move you in the direction of the “10” to get some energy and momentum going around it.

Where would you like to be by the end of the year?  Work backwards breaking down what would need to be done each month to get there.

OR  just decide on three things in this area you will focus on and do them all year long.  What three things in the area of health would make the biggest impact on your life?  Break each one of the three down into steps- what is it, when will you do it and how often?  Boil it all down to actions and you can put into your schedule.

Consistency will compound your efforts and will lead to results.  Start here today. Commit to someone else- make it public- get accountability so that when you get tired or bored or whatever threatens to get you off track- this time- you will not give up!