It’s that time of year again- so full of wonder, beauty, great smells, sharing, gratitude- just so much good!  It can all be easily over shadowed by an extra heaping helping of stress.  Here are just a few ideas to help you to keep the scale tipped in favor of more joy and less stress this season:

– One of the greatest stress creators is jam packing your schedule with too many events- I know, I have been the expert at this in the past.  I am used to carrying a heavy load of activities- all of which I love- and tended in the past to take on a lot more.  The result? I didn’t enjoy much and was always running behind and apologizing, forgetting things and I even became disorganized! One of the best things I heard a few years ago, and it helps me every day is the concept of


FOMO- the Fear Of Missing Out- I didn’t want to miss a thing.  Truth be told, I still don’t, but I recognize my limits.  My challenge came with the actual fear of missing out on something good.  If I say no, what will I be missing that others are not? Oh boy, this one had me running for a LONG time, as in, most of my life.

Now I have switched myself to a new way of thinking:

JOMO- The Joy Of Missing Out!  Hearing this idea was life changing for me.  You mean, not only is it okay to miss something, but there might actually be joy in it, too?  Whoa!  And it is true- living by this concept has allowed me to be very thoughtful about what I say yes to.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to go to everything, but the joy is in not getting stressed, frazzled and possibly even sick.  Such freedom.


What else can get in the way?

Setting expectations too high.  Just as in scheduling too many things, committing to too many duties can be a real problem as well.  Be realistic about what you expect from yourself, even set the bar a little lower than you might-gasp!- to account for the unexpected.  Also, it’s nice to be realistic about what you expect from others, as well.

Taking time for yourself is really important.  I hear many people talking about how their healthy habits got off track during the holidays.  Realize that this is a choice.  Healthy habits can help you get through the holidays so do not allow yourself to let them go!  Keep up your exercise, eating well- with a little fun in the mix!- and most of all get enough rest!  Being rested enough is right up there at the top of the list of reasons you will be able to stay joyful during the holidays- you do not see many exhausted people who are joyful.  Sliver out some quiet time to just sit and be still- it doesn’t have to be long- it will pay in clarity, groundedness and will allow you to make good decisions the rest of the time.

Eat sugar in moderation!

Find ways to help others to have a happy season.  Time, money, surprise gifts and kindnesses make everyone feel joyful- especially the doer of the good deeds!  Even cutting someone slack might be a kind gesture over the next few weeks!


What else keeps you more into joy and less stress during the holidays?

Please share!