The 100 Day Challenge, Day 19:

Yesterday I shared about an idea I like  about making some space that uplifts you and supports you in creating and imagining.  This is a great start, but there are things that can still get in your way of your most spectacular imagining.

One of these is time- you have to on purpose schedule time to spend thinking, planning and dreaming stuff up.  If it is not in your schedule and you have not committed to it, it will never happen.  So now you have the physical space, you have a schedule which you follow and are spending the time creating new thoughts and ideas.  You are actually coming up with some good ones!  They still may not go anywhere- why?  This is where fear enters in……………

One of our greatest human fears is that of what others may think.  We can come up with the most marvelous of plans and most never see the light of day because of our second guessing ourselves and worrying over what others will think or say.  Or maybe the idea is so bad no one will notice or even say anything!  In coaching, my clients are able to  work to overcome this obstacle to living life in the most enjoyable way possible. 

If you are ready to finally put your imagination to work, to spend the time necessary to create your plans and ideas and face what others might or might not say, take this step before you start:  Write down everything that could get in your way- including the ones I have mentioned here- and make a decision that none of them will stop you.  Decide how you will deal with each one, should they actually occur.  This is one way you can build a great foundation under yourself  and you will be free to enjoy using your imagination!