The 100 Day Challenge, Day 12:

This afternoon I was honored to be present at the 131st Convocation (opening day ceremonies) at Champlain College.  This has special meaning for me for many reasons, but today there was yet another reason.  My father-in-law, Jack  DuBrul, was given the Distinguished Citizen Award.  This award is given to someone who has made a major contributions to our community- and in Jack’s case, it has been extensive.  He is a person who is certainly deserving of such an award. 

As I sat there today many feelings were hitting me- the excitement of sitting there with the Freshman class and remembering my first day at the College (I can still remember!)- feeling their energy and mixed emotions on what it has meant to be dropped off at school and your on your own.  Then I look at my father-in-law and see a person on the other end of things, having created a successful business and life and having accumulated many, many amazing experiences which he continues to do.  And there I sat in the middle.  I started thinking about my legacy in life.  Yes, the thought has crossed my mind before, but never had it settled in so seriously.   

Time is of the essence in creating and building your legacy.  It is never too late, but the time is now to think about what you want to leave behind when you are gone.  How do you want the world to be better off because you have lived?  What can you start doing and contributing  now to start building toward your legacy?  What can you do to make sure that your daily actions line up with the vision you have?  

 If this idea interests you, take a few minutes this weekend to start formulating your vision!  What will it be for you?