The 100 Day Challenge, Day 22:

Today is Ash Wednesday, and so today is the first day of the Lenten season.  I am not sure exactly how to write this post, so it I hope it will be received in the spirit it is written!  I am no longer a practicing Catholic, though I do participate in a something that has been a treasured ritual for me over many years.  The ritual is what I do from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday- the season of Lent.

If you have read my posts in the past, or search through the almost 500 posts here, you can find scattered throughout my many references to how much I love a fresh start.  Lent represents another one of these fresh starts.  Lent, to me, is cleansing.  A time to take things higher.  Every year I have a plan for Lent.  I use the energy of this season to help me to go to the next level on things that I want to move closer to mastery on.

I can do anything in a period of time spanning February 22- April 8: and you can, too.

I do a combination of things in my Plan for Lent.  I give some things up that require great discipline.  The season is long enough that you can break a habit or take on new ones.  The idea, for me, is the these things be uncomfortable- if they are easy, they don’t belong in this season.  There is strength available to get through the discomfort.

Besides giving things up, I also like to take things on:  things that will fulfill and uplift me during this time.  Things that are in service to others.  Things that will expand my knowledge.

If you don’t participate in Lent with it’s true meaning spiritually- thank you for reading this anyway, and you can still have your ritual that is meaningful for you during this time.  For those of you who are doing it for spiritual reasons/ with spiritual reasons behind it, this time can really be a time of spiritual/mind/body breakthroughs.  Leave the past behind- what you always did as a child, or what your parents always did- and write your own Lenten script.  What is meaningful to you?  What will fulfill you and allow you to do the same for others?  Lent is like a circle in so many ways, to me.

If you are willing and so inclined, please share your Lenten practices, commitments with us here, so that we may all be inspired, learn from you, and maybe decide to join you!