The 100 Day Challenge Day 21:

One of the highlights of my day today was a birthday party lunch that my friend threw for herself. First of all, I love that she chose to gather good friends to celebrate and not wait for something to happen. She decided how she wanted to celebrate and she made it happen.

One of the fun features of this luncheon, for me, was spending time with women I like and know, women I know a little bit and women I just met today. I noticed the other women feeling the same way. My friend had away of including and mixing together conversation that made everyone comfortable. It was a fun time for everyone and I know some great connections were made!

There were laughs, smiles, champagne, great food and presents. The very best part? Hearing my friend say, as we walk down the street afterward “I just love connecting everyone like that, that was the best!”

It was a treat for her and for us! Who do you know that could benefit from or enjoy connecting with someone else you know?