The 100 Day Challenge, Day 20:

I am so excited, to be 20 days into my blogging challenge and I haven’t forgotten yet!  I credit this to actually scheduling in the time I will write the post, which changes quite a bit from day to day.  Doing this challenge for the second time allows me to see the progress I have made since finishing the first challenge.  Progress!  It does make me feel happy!  The last time I did this challenge I remember many a night when I was just about to go to sleep or in one case, I was already sleeping and woke up just in time to write my post under the wire of the stroke of midnight!  Those were not the best times for me to be creative, or even to use spell check correctly!!  Not ideal for writing anything that made sense.

What has really changed in the year and a half in between challenges is that I have taken on new habits, especially in the time management realm.  I have discovered that something simple that I was told many years ago really IS true:  “If it’s not in your schedule, it doesn’t exist.”  Mike Ferry  I have learned to put everything, and I mean everything that needs to get done into a time in my schedule.  Doing this challenge for the second time has allowed me to reflect and see how far I have come with things I wasn’t really considering.

I watched OWN last night- Oprah’s network- where she has a show called Second Acts.  Last night’s show was Oprah attending Anthony (Tony) Robbins most popular event called Unleash the Power Within.  They showed one hour of Oprah at the event and culminating with Oprah participating in the firewalk, which is how they always end day one of the program.  The second hour was Oprah interviewing Tony.  I have been a big Tony fan for years, and have memorized most of his quotes, but during the event portion I heard something I had not heard before:

“Progress equals happiness.”  Tony Robbins.

This immediately resonated with me.  When you are moving forward, you will feel good… and happy!  Standing still, he said, is dying.  I have been taught that there is no such thing as standing still- you are either moving forward, or moving backward.

This caused me to think, once again, about the power of weekly (daily) reflection.  If we stop to take the time to reflect on all we have done and are doing, we have the gift of realizing our progress and the happy feelings that come along with that.  Miss that time of reflection, and miss the recognition of your successes and risk discouragement and many other unproductive feelings.

If you find you are not progressing, this deserves great reflection, too, and you might want to ask yourself some questions.  (That is what a great coach will do, too!)

Today, decide what you want to do to progress in your business, with your health, with your family, with whatever is important to you. What are they?  Write them down.  Write the actions you will take for the week into your schedule, be specific with the time.  Then on Sunday, take a look back at what you did and enjoy basking in the glow of your progress!  Repeat….